Sunday, May 23, 2010


luchot1.jpg Shavuot image by Krat_2006
Shavout celebrates the day that God gave Moses and the Israelites the 10 Commandments. That was the first time they received the law. They continued to receive the law after that and even now, the Jewish people fill themselves with it daily.

We celebrate now by bringing to the Lord, the first fruits of the harvest, thanking God for it, and anticipating the rest of the harvest, unto completion.

When God gave Moses the Torah for the first time on Mt. Sinai, it was not the Fulfillment of the Law.

Just as the first fruits of the Harvest, are wonderful, we look forward to completion of the work in the fields and the Great feast that follows.

Today my heart is aching for the Bridegroom Jesus. I am thanking Him for the outpouring of His Spirit that He gave to us at Pentecost, believing that it was just the first fruits. And I am longing for the day when we are done in the fields, He returns to Earth and we celebrate our marriage at the wedding feast.