Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!!

Oliver's Menorah
Silas working on his Menorah
Gideon and his Menorah
December 1st at sundown, marked the beginning of the first day of Hanukkah. We're trying to do a little something every evening. The first night, we lite our one candle - which we found, is very anti-climatic when you've got 8 all lined up.

There is so much more to Hanukkah than I realized when I started thinking about celebrating it with the kids. I want to write this to explain a little of what I've gotten out of this Holiday, and what I'm trying to pass on to the boys.

When Antiochus Epiphanes, leader of the Greek army, invaded Jerusalem, he didn't knock the Temple down like others before him. Instead, he erected an idol (of Zeus, I believe) and sacrificed a pig, desecrating the temple. The Israelites were no longer allowed to study the Torah. His attack was at the strongest and best point in Jewish culture - Love the Lord your God and worship Him only.

During the occupation of the Greeks, many still found ways to study the Torah. They would huddle in small groups teaching and learning until a Greek soldier walked their way. Then they would pull out their spinning tops (dreidels) and the Greeks would see nothing but several young boys playing a game. They also put Hebrew letters on the dreidels to help children learn the Hebrew alphabet. The dreidels we use today have the Hebrew letters: nun, gimel, hey, shin. which stand for the words Nes Gadol Haya Sham, which means a Great Miracle Happened There!

Eventually, Judah Maccabee lead a small band of Israelistes against the mighty Greek army and finally drove them out. Their first priority was to cleanse and dedicate the temple to the One true God. Lighting the menorah was part of dedicating the temple, but there was only 1 days worth of oil for the lamp. It took 8 days to prepare new oil. What a beautiful picture of what we have to give to the Lord and what He can do with it.

How often do we feel that what we have to offer the Lord is not enough to get the job done...and of course, it isn't. His faithfulness carries us, and the little we have to give, through until the miraculous has occurred.

The little oil they had lasted the eight days that they needed it to. Now we celebrate for 8 days and light 8 candles to remember the miracle that God did. We light the eight candles with the shamash candle in the middle of the menorah. Shamash means servant and it represents the King of Kings who came as a servant and brought light to the world.

But why was the oil important? Why was the battle fought in the first place? To cleanse and dedicate the temple to One true God so that His Spirit could once again reside there. Today, the Holy Spirit lives in the heart of every believer. There are times when we need to look at our hearts and ask ourselves: Am I worshiping anything other than Jesus? Do I have any idols in my life? Am I keeping the first commandment first?

I've also used this opportunity to talk about the end times with Oliver. If you ask him who prophesied about Antiocus Epiphanes, he will tell you...Daniel, yeah the one who was thrown into the lion's den! The prophecy that Daniel gave us about Antiocus was so incredibly accurate that many secular scholars think that there is no way the book of Daniel, or at least that chapter, could have been written before the time of Antiocus.

There is another prophecy right-smack-dab against the one about Antiocus, about another evil man who the book of Revelation calls the Anti-Christ. Because these two prophecies are so close together and because the one about Antiocus was so profoundly accurate, we can assume that Daniel's prophecy about the Anti-Christ is equally literal and accurate.

Antiocus and the time of the Greek occupation was, in fact, a foreshadowing of the Anti-Christ and the happenings of the end of this age. The desecration of the Temple, the complacency of the Church when the occupation began, having to hide to study the word of God.

I hope my children have gotten a fraction of what I have learned from celebrating Hanukkah...if not, that's ok because we will definitely be doing it again next year.
Oh, I forgot to mention, that traditionally you eat fried food, like latkes (potato pancakes) and homemade doughnuts in honor of the oil...who doesn't love that!?!

Please forgive me for this poorly written blog. It took me forever because of several distractions and when I finally got a chance to sit down in a quiet house and write it was very late. I hope you enjoyed it regardless of the choppy writing and misspelled words.

Oh yeah, and this just plain fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today, my boys watched Finding Nemo. The intention was for me to sleep through the whole thing, but alas, my nap was again interrupted. So, I laid in bed trying to muster up a good mood for a few minutes and watched a bit of the movie. I watched the part where Dori and Marlin are in the whale headed for Sydney. I realized it was a perfect picture of striving vs. resting in the Lord.

Both little fish were headed for the same place, being carried by something much larger than them - who new exactly where he was going.

Marlin, the clown fish trying to find his son, was beating against the inside of the whale. When he was not beating against the one carrying him, he was laying in his helplessness and self-pity...beating himself up.

Dori, the forgetful little blue fish, was enjoying the ride. What joy and pleasure she gained from her ride with the whale. When Marlin asked her how she new something bad wasn't going to happen she replied...'I don't.'

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow...let alone a comfortable, well planned tomorrow. Are we fighting against the One carrying us, or are we enjoying the ride - trusting that when the next bad or challenging thing comes our way we will recieve the help and grace needed to get through and draw closer to Jesus?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The stuff that happens in my house is almost too outrageous to believe...Honestly, if I didn't see this stuff happen with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

To preface this story, I must explain that we have moved into my in-laws basement. There is not a real kitchen down here. I do my dishes in the bathroom and lay them to dry on a towel on the bathroom floor. (I've had to make peace with some sanitation issues.)

So, the other day, I had done a bunch of dishes, but not quite all of them. When I stopped, I had an achy back, a sore neck, a towel full of clean, drying dishes, a rubbermaid tub of water with a few things soaking in it and a few more dirty ones on the other side of the tub.

Off to fold some laundry while the clean stuff dries. I figured once that stuff dried, and I put it away, I'd wash the rest.

While I was folding laundry, the twins came into the bathroom and started calmly playing in the tub of water. I thought, 'its just water, how bad could it be'...Famous last words.

Calmly playing soon turned into splashing, drinking and eventually standing in the tub of water. Since their clothes were totally soaked, I filled the bath tub up a little bit and striped them down. Once naked, they both stood in front of the toilet then climbed in the tub. Since they were playing nicely, I sat down on the couch for a minute to read to Oliver.

Before long, naked Silas runs into the living room yelling, "POOP POOP! Mama, POOOOOP!!" 'Great,' I thought, some one pooped in the bath tub. Well, I was wrong...Gideon had gotten out of the tub, stood in front of the toilet and pooped on the floor behind him...he was close. So I wiped his bottom and picked the poop up off the floor. The second that was done, Gideon said, "Pee Mama, Pee." He was behind me with his legs crossed trying to hold it, but he peed a little bit on...what else...the clean dishes.

Now I have to dress twin two year olds and re-wash some dishes before I finish the other dishes.

Like I said, who would believe this stuff!?!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Child's Blood

Seeing the blood of one of my children isn't a new thing to me. With three boys, we go through our share of bandaids.

Three days ago, Gideon was running through the room, slipped on something and caught the corner of the bed frame with his forehead. Head wounds bleed ALOT and this was a deep one. We got him fixed up, determined that a butterfly bandage would suffice and that we didn't need to go get stitches. But since then, he has picked the scab off everyday.

Today, he had gotten the scab half way off before I caught him and convinced him to leave it alone. Later, he tripped and hit his little head just the right spot. Here comes the blood...lots of it. Maybe more than the first time. His clothes, my clothes, wash name it, we got blood on it. Laundry time.

Later, as I was moving the blood stained-rinsed-but-not-yet-washed clothes to the washing machine, I paused a moment to look at my child's blood. It reminded me of the time Silas broke his face (Yes, broke his face...I know I have very talented children) in the garage sending us to the emergency room on a Sunday evening. The day after the incident I went into the garage to once again tend to the blood stained laundry. While there, I stopped to stare at the drops of my child's blood on the cement floor.

Both times, these thoughts came to my mind.

What was it like for God to watch His Son bleed on the cross for my sake? I did not allow my children to bleed. I would have prevented it if I could have. Yet God SENT His Son to bleed for me. I am humbled by His ultimate humility.

Then I thought of John 17:23. Jesus prays that "the world may know love them even as you have loved me"

God loves me the same as He loves Jesus. He put Jesus on the cross.


Romans 12:1 says I am to be a living sacrifice. My mom always used to tell me that "the problem with living sacrifices is that they can crawl back off the altar" I am to daily put my own desires, my own plans, my own comfort, even my own body on the altar...and stay there. I am not very good at this.

But I ask myself today, What is God asking me to sacrifice for others...that they may know Him. That they may glimpse His tender mercies in my tenderness, when I really feel like being rude. That they may see His patience when I am patient, when I really feel like screaming.
That they may understand His loving sacrifice when I do for others at my own expense.

Thank you, Jesus, for your Grace and for being my ultimate sacrifice. Help me to put my life on the altar and to bleed for others today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I haven't put any pictures on here in so I thought I'd just share this one real quick. Oliver being hilarious!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things That Have Helped Me Get the Job Done

We are still in the process of moving. Almost all of our things have been moved to the new place. We will sleep here tonight and in the morning we will eat breakfast, throw a few more things in a box and go over to our new place (of course, I'll be coming right back to clean). I was thinking about the little things that have helped me get this very big job done. Here are a few

Letting my kids sit in boxes. The first day I started taping boxes together it went like this. Tape up a box..."Silas, Mommy needs to put something besides you in the box"..."nevermind"...Tape up another box..."Silas, what happened to the last box I taped up? I need this box, dear"..."Forget it"....go get the last box I taped..."Hi Gideon, are you have fun in Mommy's boxes"...leave them alone and tape another box.

Bubble wrap...seriously, I know adults who can't resist the stuff

Old pictures. This occupied my boys for quite a while, but I didn't get much done while they were looking because I wanted to look to.

Last but not least, Toy Story 1 on you tube...even after the TV and DVD player where on their way to the new place I could put the boys in front of the lap top. It kept them out of the way and safe while we were carrying the other big stuff down the steps.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Verses the Lord led me to this morning

Isaiah 26:7 The way of the righteous is smooth;
O Upright One, make the path of the righteous level.

Hebrews 6:19 This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast

Psalms 40:2 He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.

Are we catching the theme here...God is so good to me. His word washes over me this morning. I praise His holy name and I will walk through this day securely, my feet will not stumble (Proverbs 3:23) for He will lead me to the Rock that is higher than I (Ps 61:2)

Monday, August 2, 2010


We are moving...after months of barely being able to pay rent, we decided something was going to have to give. We started talking over our options and what the Lord was speaking to us...the two seemed to conflict, UNTIL...Quentin's parents offered to let us move into their basement apartment.
And so begins the packing of the boxes and moving of furniture. I'm sure the boys will be very helpful. :)
We will have a little less space, but we're determined to make it work. Please pray that this goes smoothly and quickly. Thanks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Not-Twitter

If I had a Twitter account, this is what you would've gotten today:

10:32 am - Just happened to stop by Hancock Fabrics during their 50% off sale...SCORE!

11:04 am - Confession: I love Big Lots

11:38 am - Feeling grossly violated by the country music playing as I walk through the Dollar Store

11:45am - NOOO...Not the Belton Walmart too! Why do they have to rearrange my favorite Walmart so that I can't find anything!?! You have failed me Belton :(

3:30 pm - The electric bill for last month made us pee ourselves, so we are trying to go without AC...everyone is grumpy.

6:49pm - AC back on...grumpiness is subsiding.

7:05pm - Watching UP with the boys...CAW CAW ROAR!!

There you have it...My Not-Twitter for the day. Could you imagine me pausing throughout my day to peck that out on my not-full-keyboard-cell phone...I don't think so. So for now, I'll just turn it in to a blog post at the end of my day if I get several good ones! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smash Brothers

Oliver has said some really funny stuff lately, so I thought I'd share.

Every Friday evening we have a Shabbat dinner together to celebrate the Sabbath. I always make homemade challah bread and we light candles. Actually, we do alot more than that, but those are the important details for this story: Oliver and I were reading a lift-the-flap Maisy book. I would read the question, then before we would lift the flap, he would guess the answer...he got them all right, except the page that said, 'What are you doing, Maisy? With: eggs, butter, flour and candles' Oliver said, "Making a shabbat dinner!"...(it was supposed to be Birthday cake, but I liked his answer better!)

I'm not sure how the conversation turned this direction, but the other day, Oliver said to me,
"I'm the big brother and Gideon and Silas are smash brothers."
me- "Why do you call them that?"
Oliver -You know...because they break toys and stuff
me- Well, that's not all they do.
Oliver- Yeah, they also eat.

Then this morning, Oliver looked at me and said, "Mommy, do you know why my leg itches?...It itches because it wants to go fishing. Really...It does!"
I looked at Quentin and said, "did you feed him that?" Quentin swears that he didn't!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


luchot1.jpg Shavuot image by Krat_2006
Shavout celebrates the day that God gave Moses and the Israelites the 10 Commandments. That was the first time they received the law. They continued to receive the law after that and even now, the Jewish people fill themselves with it daily.

We celebrate now by bringing to the Lord, the first fruits of the harvest, thanking God for it, and anticipating the rest of the harvest, unto completion.

When God gave Moses the Torah for the first time on Mt. Sinai, it was not the Fulfillment of the Law.

Just as the first fruits of the Harvest, are wonderful, we look forward to completion of the work in the fields and the Great feast that follows.

Today my heart is aching for the Bridegroom Jesus. I am thanking Him for the outpouring of His Spirit that He gave to us at Pentecost, believing that it was just the first fruits. And I am longing for the day when we are done in the fields, He returns to Earth and we celebrate our marriage at the wedding feast.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

123rd Terrace

I read this article the other day and it inspired me to write about what we are doing right here on our own street.

We have lived on 123rd Terrace for over a year now. Last year about this time, we were all packed up into the van, ready for a picnic at the park. Of course, Quentin and I can't get 'all ready to go' without about a dozen 'last' trips up the stairs to get what we forgot. This time, we were actually parked on the street, waiting for Quentin to come back from one such trip up the steps. While we were waiting, an elderly lady dressed in about a dozen shirts, sweat pants, and combat boots approached me. She asked me if I could spare a few pennies. I literally had no pennies, not a cent on me or in the van. I'm so glad I didn't or I would have given her some change and left it at that. But I didn't, so I said, are you hungry? I can make you a sandwich! So I did. After all, we were packed for a picnic, I had all the stuff right there in the middle of the road with me.

And then I did something that surprised even myself. I learned her name and told her mine and then I pointed to my front door and said, "Ms Mollie, I live right there...if you are ever hungry, you come knock on my door." What a crazy thing to do...ladies and gentlemen...I do NOT live in the best part of town. I don't even live in the "I guess its ok" part of town. But what's the use in living on the "wrong side of the tracks" if you don't make a difference while you're there?

I believe with all my heart that God had put us here on 123rd Terrace. I don't know how much longer He will have us here, but I do know that the safest place in the world to be is in the center of God's will!

The next time I saw Ms. Mollie, the boys and I were playing in the back yard. She again asked me if I could spare some pennies. I didn't give her money, but I did get her something to eat and sent her home with a few things to eat as well.

After that, she came around asking for something to eat a few time, but eventually, she just came to visit her friend. She calls me her little white friend. :) Her visits really take a lot out of me because she's extremely difficult to understand when she talks. She doesn't have teeth, for one thing and I'm not certain that she doesn't have some level of deminshia as well. ( so when I write 'Ms. Mollie said,' it should probably read I think 'Ms. Mollie said,') But I'm getting better at understanding her and sometimes she seems very happy to just watch the boys play as I continue in the long as I bring her something to eat :)

Once I was on my way to the grocery store with out any of the boys (*miracle*) and as I was driving down 123rd Terrace, I saw Ms. Mollie walking down the street. I pulled the car over and hopped out to give her a hug and say hello. She asked me where I was going and then asked if she could go with me. I said, Sure! We got quite a lot of stares walking through the grocery store together. I remember her going to the little sample stand twice.

One the way home, she showed me which house was hers so I could drop her off. This opened up something new! Now I knew where she lived.

The next week, I pushed my double stroller up the 123rd Terrace hill (its a doozey) with twin 16 month olds in the seats and a 3 1/2 year old hanging off the back. I was sweaty when we arrived. However, when Ms Mollie saw us standing at her door to visit her, you'd have thought it was Christmas morning and we were Santa and three elves! She was so excited to see us!

Have you ever been inside a small, poor household in a different nation? That's what Ms. Mollie's house reminded me of. It was dark...only lit by the light peaking through the sheets over the windows, it smelled a little strange, the TV was on the whole time, and I could only understand about a third of what was said. I met one of her granddaughters that day and have met her daughter and other granddaughters since then. I was surprised to learn that I couldn't understand any of them much better than I could understand Ms Mollie.

This is turning into a very long post...I will try to finish it later.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Rotten Vegetables

Yesterday, as I stood in line at the Manna 4u food bank, I noticed the box of rotten vegetables just under the first table. It was mostly sweet potatoes and a few severely wrinkled oranges. Basically, someone had sorted through the produce a head of time and picked out everything that was too far gone.

As I got closer and started looking through the produce myself, picking a few things for my family, I noticed an egg plant in the corner. I thought to myself...'that will be down there with the sweet potatoes soon.' Then I thought, 'if someone would have seen the potential of that egg plant two days ago, it wouldn't have gone to waste. Now, it will sit on the table getting a few seconds older with every person that walks by, until it get tossed into the rotten vegetable box.'

That was all the more thought I gave the vegetables at that point. But later on in the day, God spoke to me saying, "Children are not rotten vegetables."

What a shock to suddenly hear this from the Lord in the middle of my day. God has already told Quentin and I that we will adopt someday in the future. As we began to pray about adoption, we heard two things. The first was...older children. We think we will adopt older children (teenagers) from the United States. We have also heard from the Lord that Oliver will alway be our oldest child. Since Oliver is currently 4, that means it will be several years before we adopt. That makes a lot of sense considering we are 25 years old, we currently have a 4 year old and twin 2 year olds and, like I mentioned before...I'm doing my grocery shopping at the local food bank. But this is a season, and God is going to bring us into a new season soon. One where we can give more and eventually one where we have room for more children.

I spent some time looking through the pictures and profiles of American children awaiting adoption today on this site and this one. ( just let me clarify that I don't really know anything about these sites, so if you're looking to adopt, I don't necessarily recommend these agencies. You'll have to check them out for yourself) Go ahead, take a look at these children. Imagine what their lives are like...then imagine what they could be like if they got the one thing the wanted most...a family.

I have heard people say things like, 'I'd rather adopt a baby, that way he/she isn't messed up when we get them' or 'What if we get an older child and they are a bad influence on my other children' or 'I'd rather not have to deal with all the baggage that comes with a teenager, so we'll adopt a little one.'

Human beings are Not Rotten Vegetables. We do not have expiration dates. None of these children...even the 17 and 18 year olds...are too far gone. They are made in the image of God and are His choice possession. And yet, so many children are being passed by, getting one day older and less likely to ever be adopted. Its time to step it up, Church! We can not let these children get tossed into the garbage.

I am not saying that everyone should adopt...or that everyone who adopts should adopt an older child. Many woman are on their way to an abortion clinic, who would turn back and decide to put their baby up for adoption, if they knew a loving family who would care for her and later the baby.

There are many reasons not to adopt. I have some myself right now. But there is one very good reason to adopt. God says to! James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of {our} God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, {and} to keep oneself unstained by the world.
That word visit means 1) to look after, have care for, provide for: of God that sounds like adoption to me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What My Husband Does

I want to dedicate this post to my dear, wonderful husband. Quentin and I have been married over 5 years. I love being married to this man. He still makes me laugh. He still makes my heart flutter. And best of all, he is still running hard after Jesus. In fact, probably more so than ever. So, I wanted to give you all the low down on what my husband does.

Quentin spends his mornings in the GPR (Global Prayer Room) of the IHOP (International House of Prayer) Missions base. This the biggest part of why we are in Kansas City - the Prayer Room. For those of you who don't know, the prayer room has 24/7 worship and intercession. That means its a room where people gather to pray...for each other, for the nations, for the church...all the time...It doesn't matter if its 4 am or lunch time, or Christmas morning....some one is in the prayer room crying out to the Lord. Its a beautiful atmosphere to live in. Quentin spends 4-6 hours in the Prayer room most days. That's a lot. Intercession is hard...its battle in the spirit realm and let me tell you...If you were to get before the Lord right now and engage with the Holy Spirit in interceission for even one hour, you would end your time tired and hungry! I do want to clarify, no one spends every second of their time in the prayer room engaged in battle. Sometimes he goes to the bathroom, sometimes he catches up on homework, he spends lots of time reading the Word and meditating on it, and of course, occasionally he falls asleep...don't tell. ;)

At noon, Quentin leaves the prayer room to come home for lunch. We love it when the clock hits 12:15 and we hear the garage door open! Most of the time the boys and I are still in bed when he leaves so this is usually the first time during the day that we get to see Daddy. He passes out kisses, eats lunch, and helps me put the twins down for nap. Sometimes he even makes me tea and we sit and talk for a few minutes...if I don't lay down for a nap myself.

By 2:45, Quentin passes out more kisses and leaves again for class. Besides being an intercessory missionary, Quentin is also a student at the Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM). Don't be fooled by the fact that this school in unaccredited...its intense. The best part about it is that Quentin's professors, fellow students and syllabus are so very centered on Jesus. The Excilencies of Christ, Christology I and II, the Life of Jesus, are a few of the classes he has taken so far. Also, he has studied Escatology, the Acts of the Church,...many many more.

Two days a week Quentin doesn't come home from class, but stays for the Awakening Services. These evening services started in November when an unusual, but totally awesome move of the Holy Spirit broke out. Quentin does ministry, praying for people and getting prayed for as well. They are wonderful, refeshing times with the Lord. He gets done at 10pm, then leaves for work.

He cleans commercial buildings. It only takes about 2 hours to clean the building, but its usually after 2pm before gets home and in bed. On the nights he doesn't go to the Awakening, he helps me get the boys ready for bed until he has to leave at 7:45...and returns around 10:30. These are the days I stay up late so we can have some time together. I so enjoy quiet evenings with my husband.

So why am I telling you my husbands schedule. I guess because I want to acknowledge how much he does and how hard he works. He does ministry, he prepares for future ministry, he works to provide for us. He doesn't get a lot of sleep, nor do we have an abundance of finances right now. We are praying for more financial supporters to raise up around us, but until then he will work his tail off in the evenings and get up early in the mornings.
Quentin, I love you, and I think you're awesome! I'm so glad to be apart of what the Lord is doing now and going to do in the future through you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Twins Are Two!

I can hardly believe it. Gideon and Silas' 2nd Birthday was March 19th. Time flies when you're having fun! We got the boys toys for the sand box. They love the sand box. They can keep themselves busy for quite awhile with just one garden shovel and some sticks, so we got them some actual sand toys and they loved them! They also got back packs, sunglasses, and DVDs from Mamaw and Papaw! Thank you!!

We had a little party for them Saturday. It was a good time and I'm so glad everyone came even though it was way gross outside. We had carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...Yummo! I really wish I could continue on the blog post, but I am soooo behind on EVERYTHING! to you all soon. Blessings!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Boys' Treasure

As I mentioned previously, Quentin took the boys tromping through the woods today. They had a blast! They came back with the skull of a small animal and Quentin and Olive spent the afternoon online trying to figure out what kind of animal. They think its a muskrat. I thought you might want to see it. I thought it was pretty cool!
You can see the one remaining tooth in this first picture!

What A Glorious Day!

This has been a glorious day! It started when my awesome husband got up with the kids. I slept a good hour after they were all up and when Quentin did come in and wake me, it was to tell me that the coffee was ready. I emerged from the bedroom to find 3 changed, dressed, fed and happy little boys! We put a movie on for the boys so we could sit and have some time together while I had my coffee and a bowl of my favorite cereal.

After the movie, Quentin read to the boys for awhile and I did the dishes. By the way, I almost enjoy doing the dishes when I don't have small one hanging off of me.

Later, when it was time for me to start making lunch, Quentin went outside to throw out the compost. Since Oliver can walk down the steps just as fast as Quentin can, and put his own shoes on, he followed Quentin out. Gideon, on the other hand, tried to keep up, but when his daddy and big brother came back in, he was still sitting on the bottom step trying to get his snow boot on and sobbing his little heart out because he had been left behind. It was the most heart breaking thing you've ever heard! Of course, Quentin felt horrible, so he got all three of the boys' coats, hats and shoes on and took them outside.

After about an hour, they returned. Quentin had to stick his head in the door and ask me to help him drag our children in from the rain. They could have cared less about the considerable amount of rain coming down. But I was able to coax them in with promises of hot soup and warm bread for lunch! After all, they were tired, wet and hungry from their little field trip with Daddy!

Oliver was quick to show me the treasure they had found. A skull. Yes, they had gone tromping through the woods and found the skull of a small animal. Quite fascinating to me, and a dream come true for my boys! After lunch, which they gobbled up, we put the twins down for a nap(which was a lot easier than normal) then Quentin and Oliver sat down at the computer to figure out what kind of animal's skull they had found (homeschool science lesson...check) while I went grocery shopping all by myself! Yeah!!

On Friday nights, we always have a Shabbat meal to celebrate our precious Sabbath Rest, Jesus! Talia joined us, like usual, and helped me finish getting dinner ready. We had Spaghetti, steamed broccoli, braided challah bread(Jewish egg bread), grape juice, and for dessert...peach mango milkshakes! Yum!

Quentin and Talia do commercial cleaning 6 nights a week, so they left right after dinner to work. But it wasn't long before my hubby came back and now its time to snuggle with him, and a hot cup of mint tea before bed. Good night, has been a glorious day!

Monday, March 8, 2010


There are so many things on my heart tonight, I just don't know where to start. I learned more than one disturbing and sad piece of information today and I'm still processing things.

Luckily, I also had my Mom's Small group at Lydia's house...She's a gem. All the ladies that attend my group are! Thanks girls, I don't know what I'd do with out you! We are reading Hind's Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard for our group discussion. This is a must read! I love it!

God has been teaching me many things through this book. Most recently, it has helped me come to realize how badly I need to recognize the attacks of my enemies! So many times, the lies come flying at me, or worse, conversations start to take place in my head and I forget that there is an enemy to be fought.

In the book, Hinds feet on High Places, the main character is Much-Afraid...yeah, that's her name. She is on a journey to the High Places. She is being led there by the Good Shepard. And her enemies are trying to get her to turn back. There names are Pride, Self-pity, Resentment, and Craven Fear. There are many more, but these show up the most often...that's funny, they show up the most often in my story too.

I'll admit, sometimes I just plain give into Resentment by agreeing with and repeating his lies. Its a terrible sight when I start to spew his toxic waste out on my family. But some days I am able to hold my tongue. That's when Self-pity steps into to take over. He is soon followed by Shame.

Shame is probably the sneakiest. I know its not right to agree with Resentment and Self-pity, so Shame creeps in to tell me how horrible I am for believing them. By doing this, he gets me to wallow in the mud with him instead of standing up to fight. My favorite part of this book so far is when the main character gets sick of hearing her enemies...she can't really do anything to drown them out so she gets violent. The usually mild Much-Afraid, takes her stand and starts to stone her enemies, she is helped by her two companions given to her by the Good Shepard and her enemies quickly run away.

So, I've decided that tomorrow, I'm going to walk around with my Sword of the Spirit and when I hear the lies of my enemies...I'm going to get violent.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering About That Biscotti.

Here is the recipe I used from


  • 5 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 cup shortening
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  1. Sift flour and measure. Resift with sugar and baking powder onto a flat surface. Cut shortening into dry ingredients until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal.
  2. Make a well in flour and break eggs into it. Add vanilla, and knead dough well for about 5 minutes until it is smooth, adding a little more flour if dough seems to soft and sticky.
  3. Pinch off bits of dough about the size of an apricot, and form into desired shapes. Cookies may be baked as rings, strips, or in letters, such as S.
  4. Place 1 inch apart on greased cookie sheet and bake in hot 450 degree F (230 degrees C) oven for 10 minutes, until golden brown. Watch carefully, because they burn easily.

The reason I chose this recipe was because it was very basic, so I could do with it what ever I wanted. I added 1/2 cup of chopped almonds, used almond and vanilla extract and then dipped them in chocolate at the end!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winner of the 'Grossest little kid story' contest (ok, so I was the only contestant)

This was on Facebook about 6 months ago, so some of you have already read this.

This morning we had a play date at a park/petting zoo place. Lots of fun. We fed animals, played at the play ground, rode tractor bikes and played in the water. The drive home in our NOT airconditioned van was considerably longer than it should have been because I got terrible lost on my way home.
I tell you all this to explain why when we got home at lunch time we were hot, sweaty and really hungry. Quentin (the wonderful man that he is) had gotten lunch ready for us and turned the AC on to cool us off. So, we stripped the twins down to nothing. (<- and there is the phrase that introduces my doom) We ate lunch, and I got on the Facebook to talk to all of you lovely people. In the middle of this, however, I got the twins down from the table. They happily stood in front of the box fan in the kitchen, so I thought, "they're in the won' t be that big of a deal if one of them pees, that will be easy to clean up...I'll just let them stay naked." Back to Facebook.

Then suddenly I hear Silas cry and I turn to see not one, but two babies with piles of poop behind them! I gasp, "Oh no!" I pick up Silas and carry him to the mound of clean diapers and wipes in the living room. Meanwhile forgetting, that there is a whole other baby in the kitchen with poop surrounding him. Suddenly, Gideon is right beside me and before I can inspect the little dots of poop that he tracked all the way from the other side of the kitchen and across the carpet with his chubby little feet, he makes a terrible face, spits something out and hands me a piece of poop.

In due time, everything got cleaned up...The butts, the feet, the carpet, the kitchen floor, my shirt and shorts, and yes, I brushed Gideons teeth.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say, That I Have, In Fact, Said More Than Once

My initial thought was to just list the comments on their own, but I decided to save you all a call to CPS and provide some explanation.

  1. Don't sing about your penis! When he was about 2 1/2, Oliver was always making up little songs. I loved it! It was so cute, until one day, he started singing about his penis. I was not about to let that happen, so before he could even finish the first line of his little ditty, I hollered this phrase across the room. My next thought was, 'I'm going to have to put that on a list of things I never thought I'd say! Almost two years later, here it is.
  2. No, you may not swing from the cord of the mini blinds. This one comes with story. After receiving this as the answer to his question, Oliver decided to try it anyway. It did not go as he planned. He jumped from the bed with the cord in his hands, luckly he didn't pull the blinds down! And he did land with his feet on the floor... mostly. His pinky toe landed just inside the slit of the laundry basket, shaving the skin clean off the inside of his toe. He hasn't tried it since then.
  3. Don't bit your bother's butt. What can I say, they'll bit whatever is most convenient to chomp onto.
  4. Just go eat the food off the floor. In my defense, I only say this when I know the floor is clean...which isn't often, but also...they throw perfectly good food on the floor...seriously, we could probably feed another small family with what I sweep up and throw in the trash can some days. So occasionally, when they are begging for food as I'm getting dinner ready, I just point them toward the perfectly good snack that they dejected just an hour ago.
  5. No, don't hit Mommy; go hit your brother All three of my boys own swords. Sometimes they have good spirited, friendly sword fights (other times its not so friendly) Occasionally, I get added into the sword fight, except I don't have a sword, so I just get hit! Hence, this comment. I promise I don't normally encourage my sons to hit each other. But when this phrase came out of my mouth, I thought...That's got to go on the list!
  6. Yes, Mommy pees out her butt. By the time Oliver was 2 1/2, he knew that boys have penises and girls do not. He also knew that mommy is a girl and that she sits down to pee (like he does when he poops). He drew some of his own conclusions and would occasionally remind me, "Mommy, your a girl, so you don't have a penis, so you pee out your butt." I do not feel the need to clarify to him further, so Yes, Mommy pees out her butt.
  7. No, you can not help me with the dishes! Sometimes I do let them help, sometimes I even put some water in the sink with some dirty bowls and spoons from breakfast and let them go crazy while I enjoy some quiet time with a book, but sometimes...I want to just do the dished without turning the kitchen into a swamp.
  8. Because I said so! I hate it that I say this. I never thought I would...but with a very logical 4 year old asking why...a lot...sometime this frazzled Mommy can only come up with: Because I said so!
  9. How did you get the potato masher tangled in the blinds? OK, this one I've only said once, but come on...I'll bet none of you have said it!
  10. Why are there dirt socks on the book shelf every time I walk by it? I'm serious...every time!!

My apologies for the P**** word so often in my blog...we teach out boys to call it what it is, and not come up with some funny little name for it. I don't really intend for it to come up so often, but with three little just does.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twins - What a Ride!

Yesterday evening, the boys were playing with blocks. Silas started screaming at Gideon. When I turned around to see why, Silas indicated that he wanted the block that Gideon had. It is quite possible that Gideon had taken said block from Silas, but since I didn't see it happen and there were 39 other blocks on the floor, I simply picked up another block and handed it to Silas. He arched his back and threw himself on the floor. He did not want the block I offered him or any block that remained on the floor. He wanted the block in Gideon's hand.

Today, in the middle of making lunch, Silas started screaming and we repeated the scenario from last night. I left him on the floor to throw a fit while I turned down the pot of pasta that was boiling over. When I returned to the living room just a few seconds later, Gideon was face down on the floor and Silas was on top of him bitting him on the back.

Yikes. What is wrong with my children?

Let me clarify...while Gideon seems innocent enough in these two stories, I wouldn't be too quick to label him a victim. He does his fair share of bitting, pushing and taking.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jer 17:9

On the other hand, these little twins of mine often baffle me with how sweet and loving towards each other they can be. Sometimes, Gideon will be trying to get up on the couch and Silas will give him a little boost. When I serve them applesauce, Silas always finishes first, and then Gideon will share the last of his own; spoon feeding his brother the last of his snack. Earlier this week, Silas went to the bathroom to get a tissue, brought it back and wiped Gideon's runny nose. And of course, there is the ever hilarious,
tackle Oliver for the sake of team twinners!

It is such a privilege to watch twin boys grow up. I'm sure I'll never really understand the relationship between the two of them. I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the crazy, loud ride.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Songs

So, there have been two songs coming to my mind lately. Any one remember the Ray Boltz song, Feel the Nails? More than once, during my childhood, that song was shared in our church. I cried everytime I heard it. It made me feel really guilty for all the sin I had committed. The trouble is...the next time I was faced with temptation, that song did not pop into my head and make me want to act righteously. In fact, it didn't come to mind at all.

Now that I think back on the words of that song, I find it a little ridiculous. No, I really don't think He feels the nails every time I fail. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Sorry Ray.
(Hebrew 9:24-28)

As God brought this song to my mind, I felt that He was saying...Stop trying to muster up enough guilty feelings to help you stop sinning. It isn't going to work. Romans 2:4 tells us that the KINDNESS OF GOD brings you to repentance. It is only His loving kindness that will give us the strength to choose rightly. Psalms 18 starts out with "I Love You, O LORD, my strength." Notice this verse starts with our love and ends with His strength!

This brings me to song No. 2, which is really popular right now...Thanks to David Crowder Band, although I really like to hear Kim Walker sing it too. HE LOVES US O, HOW HE LOVES US...Yeah I belt it out when its just me and the kids in the house.

This song is so profoundly true that it rocks me to my core. But it has not been coming to my mind simply because its played on the radio often, in fact, I don't really listen to the radio. I believe God has been highlighting this song to me because this is His urgent message to the Church at this hour in history. Yeah, I said Church. Yes, Jesus loves everyone. This is His message to everyone at all times. But I believe God chooses specific times in our lives and in history to really drive home a message of particular importance. We as Christians love this song because we know its true, and yet God is saying 'you still don't get this.' Most of us are enjoying this song, even raising our hands, closing our eyes and singing at the top of our lungs the words, "HE LOVES US" and at the same time, what we are believing in our Spirit, what we are living out as truth are the words, "HE PUTS UP WITH US, O HE PUTS UP WITH US." Beloved, this is NOT TRUE.

Later, I realized that this post was really about 3 songs.

Song of Solomon is a beautiful picture of Jesus as our Bridegroom King and the journey of maturity in a believer. When she was still very immature, the Bridegroom looks at His Bride and says, "you have made my heart beat faster with a single glance of your eyes."(Song of Songs 4:9) Even in our immaturity, Jesus loves us with such delight! Did you hear that!?! We are a delight to Him! Even when we mess up. When we fail, He doesn't say, 'Ouch, you hurt Me again!" He says, "I'm so proud of you for even trying!! The fact that you bother to struggle over sin is a testimony of your love for Me...even when that struggle is just a 'single glance from your eyes' and it ravishes my heart!!"
As believers, we need to step into this love. We need to live like we believe it! But we cannot love Him unless we let Him love us! Choose today to believe He loves you. Sing song No. 2 like you mean it!

Many waters cannot quench this love
Song of Songs 8:7

Friday, January 29, 2010

The way I feel about my biscotti...the way God feels about me

Hello, Biscotti. I just made you with my own hands. I did a really good job. Even though, mainstream society may say you don't look quite 'right' I say you are perfect, beautiful and delicious. And what I say matters because I did not make you for mainstream society. I made you for me. I did not make you so you could become famous or world renown. I made you so that I could sit on the couch when no one else is looking and enjoy you.

Not sure where to start

I guess a brief introduction? I am new to this blog thing...

I am Bethany. My husband, Quentin and I have been married for 5 years. We have a 4 year old boy named Oliver and twin boys, Silas and Gideon, who are almost 2. Life is an adventure. We almost never have a dull day, and when we is most welcome. My desire for this blog is to share some of the funny stories about our boys and also what Jesus is doing in our hearts and lives.

I hope you enjoy it.