Friday, February 25, 2011

All His Ways Are Right And Good

When talking about moving to Kentucky today, this question was posed to me:

"How do you know 100%, without a shadow of a doubt and no chance of being wrong."

My response was this, "I don't. But God is worthy of putting my trust in even if He brings me to destruction."

In Acts 21, Paul had heard from the Lord to go to Jerusalem. The other believers begged Paul not to go because they had received another prophetic word that Paul would face persecution if he went to Jerusalem.

Acts 21:13-15 says
Then Paul answered, "What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but even to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus." And since he would not be persuaded, we fell silent, remarking, "The will of the Lord be done!" After these days we got ready and started on our way up to Jerusalem.

I do know that God has called us to move to Kentucky. I don't know how this will all work out or what exactly it will be like when we get there. But I will put my trust in Him.

Let me clarify...I really believe God is going to take care of all our needs, that he is going to bring us to this land and bless us. But if He doesn't, He is no less worthy of my praise and adoration.

All His ways are right and good.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My faith Is So Small

One day, I'm on cloud nine because I am confident that I have heard from the Lord. The next day, I am staring at my giants and trembling inside.

Thankfully, my awesome husband made me sit down to pray with him. We usually spend a few minutes just praising the Lord, giving thanks, then we ask a question or request and wait for the Lord to speak to us.

This time he was doing the dishes and I was drying, so our hands were mostly busy while we were praying. But after we asked for direction, we both just kind of stopped moving and sat really still for a few minutes because the presence of God came over us. Neither of us really 'heard a word' from God, but we were definitely overcome with His peace.

I realized that earlier in this process, when we would come close to a hurdle it wasn't that scary because we didn't expect anything. Now that we've heard from God, approaching a hurdle means believing God will do what He said He would do.

God, I believe...but help my unbelief.

Keep praying for me, friends! We still have a long way to go!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giants in the Land

Once again the Lord has asked our family to step out in faith. We are WAY excited.

For as long as I've known him, my husband has wanted to farm and I have shared this desire with him, if only on and off at first. Over the 6 years of our marriage, our desire to do organic farming, raise healthy grass fed animals, and raise our ever increasing number of boys on a farm has only grown.

You would not believe the number of books read and the amount of research Quentin has done on the subject of farming. And of course, he has set his hands to work at every opportunity. He has filled my poor parents back yard with goats and chickens, and gardened every spot of soil he was allowed to till.

In the middle of all this, God took us to Kansas City. Um...ok, God. We are so glad that God took us to this City. Studying at the Forerunner School of Ministry has rooted us in the Word and Love of God. We have learned the importance of standing with Isreal. We have built relationships with wonderful, Godly people. We have been challenged, stretched and strengthened in our Faith. I wouldn't trade this time in the city for anything in the world. It is most definitely what God wanted for our family.

Our time here is done now. God has accomplished all that He had in store for us and is clearly moving us on. This time to the country...ok, not just to the country...Kentucky!! I would have never guessed Kentucky! Of course, 2 1/2 years ago, I would have never guessed Missouri, so I guess we're seeing a pattern here.

I wish I could give you the whole long story of how we came to be interested in this farm in Kentucky, but...I have no idea how this happened. One day my husband sends an email and gets a reply, the next day a phone call...then we keep emailing questions and keep receiving answers. A couple weeks into this we looked at each other and said, "Is this really happening?"

Every time an insurmountable barrier appears that seemingly would keep us from going to the farm, we just glide right over it. God just keeps working out every detail. Our parents (such wise and wonderful people) are standing with us in prayer and in awe at the amount of peace we all have over this move. Why are we in awe? Because this is completely crazy and impossible! And yet, its happening right before our eyes. Quentin and I feel like we are blindfolded and in the dark and yet, our feet keep finding solid ground.

Yesterday I got scared...
I started looking at all the barriers we have yet to glide over and began to think maybe this wouldn't work at all. But the Lord is so faithful. This morning as I lay in bed half awake and half asleep, the battle of Jericho came to my mind. God did not give the Israelites what they needed to fight that battle. In fact, they had been circumcised not too long before that and may not have even had the physical strength to fight a battle. And yet, after following God's ridiculous instructions, the walls of the city collapsed and they took their land.
Then Joshua and Caleb came to my mind. Forty years before the battle of Jericho, Joshua and Caleb came out of the Promised Land reporting what wonderful things they had seen and were ready to go in at take it while the rest of the scouts only reported of the giants in the land. At that point the Lord spoke so clearly to me and said, "There are still Giants in this land...and I can take 'em!"

So...Here we go.

We have officially started packing. We hope to be on our 40 acre, organic farm by April 1st. Please pray for us. Many things still have to be worked out and I'm not exactly in moving condition. (Due April 14th with baby Amos!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My little Van Gogh!

During homeschool this morning, we read 'Katie and the Sunflowers' by James Mayhew, then 'In the Garden with Van Gogh' by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober. Both are really great books for introducing preschoolers to classic art.

The last picture in the 'In the Garden...' book is of Van Gogh's Starry Night. My kids probably looked at it for 10 seconds at best.

When we were done reading, I turned on some music and told them we were going to paint. Usually, all our art projects are very open ending, so that they will use their own little creative brains to make something that looks awesome to them. This time I had an abundance of black construction paper, so I gave them all a piece and threw out an idea, "Maybe you could do a painting kind of like the Starry Night painting"...then I walked away.

This is what I came back to...

I must confess, I was impressed! He explained to me that the tall red thing was the building and the white swirls were the stars. I hadn't really expected him to copy the picture, but he was very proud of himself, and so was I!

*If anyone can help me figure out why some of my pictures are only half there, I'd be grateful!