Monday, November 15, 2010


Today, my boys watched Finding Nemo. The intention was for me to sleep through the whole thing, but alas, my nap was again interrupted. So, I laid in bed trying to muster up a good mood for a few minutes and watched a bit of the movie. I watched the part where Dori and Marlin are in the whale headed for Sydney. I realized it was a perfect picture of striving vs. resting in the Lord.

Both little fish were headed for the same place, being carried by something much larger than them - who new exactly where he was going.

Marlin, the clown fish trying to find his son, was beating against the inside of the whale. When he was not beating against the one carrying him, he was laying in his helplessness and self-pity...beating himself up.

Dori, the forgetful little blue fish, was enjoying the ride. What joy and pleasure she gained from her ride with the whale. When Marlin asked her how she new something bad wasn't going to happen she replied...'I don't.'

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow...let alone a comfortable, well planned tomorrow. Are we fighting against the One carrying us, or are we enjoying the ride - trusting that when the next bad or challenging thing comes our way we will recieve the help and grace needed to get through and draw closer to Jesus?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The stuff that happens in my house is almost too outrageous to believe...Honestly, if I didn't see this stuff happen with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

To preface this story, I must explain that we have moved into my in-laws basement. There is not a real kitchen down here. I do my dishes in the bathroom and lay them to dry on a towel on the bathroom floor. (I've had to make peace with some sanitation issues.)

So, the other day, I had done a bunch of dishes, but not quite all of them. When I stopped, I had an achy back, a sore neck, a towel full of clean, drying dishes, a rubbermaid tub of water with a few things soaking in it and a few more dirty ones on the other side of the tub.

Off to fold some laundry while the clean stuff dries. I figured once that stuff dried, and I put it away, I'd wash the rest.

While I was folding laundry, the twins came into the bathroom and started calmly playing in the tub of water. I thought, 'its just water, how bad could it be'...Famous last words.

Calmly playing soon turned into splashing, drinking and eventually standing in the tub of water. Since their clothes were totally soaked, I filled the bath tub up a little bit and striped them down. Once naked, they both stood in front of the toilet then climbed in the tub. Since they were playing nicely, I sat down on the couch for a minute to read to Oliver.

Before long, naked Silas runs into the living room yelling, "POOP POOP! Mama, POOOOOP!!" 'Great,' I thought, some one pooped in the bath tub. Well, I was wrong...Gideon had gotten out of the tub, stood in front of the toilet and pooped on the floor behind him...he was close. So I wiped his bottom and picked the poop up off the floor. The second that was done, Gideon said, "Pee Mama, Pee." He was behind me with his legs crossed trying to hold it, but he peed a little bit on...what else...the clean dishes.

Now I have to dress twin two year olds and re-wash some dishes before I finish the other dishes.

Like I said, who would believe this stuff!?!