Thursday, March 25, 2010

What My Husband Does

I want to dedicate this post to my dear, wonderful husband. Quentin and I have been married over 5 years. I love being married to this man. He still makes me laugh. He still makes my heart flutter. And best of all, he is still running hard after Jesus. In fact, probably more so than ever. So, I wanted to give you all the low down on what my husband does.

Quentin spends his mornings in the GPR (Global Prayer Room) of the IHOP (International House of Prayer) Missions base. This the biggest part of why we are in Kansas City - the Prayer Room. For those of you who don't know, the prayer room has 24/7 worship and intercession. That means its a room where people gather to pray...for each other, for the nations, for the church...all the time...It doesn't matter if its 4 am or lunch time, or Christmas morning....some one is in the prayer room crying out to the Lord. Its a beautiful atmosphere to live in. Quentin spends 4-6 hours in the Prayer room most days. That's a lot. Intercession is hard...its battle in the spirit realm and let me tell you...If you were to get before the Lord right now and engage with the Holy Spirit in interceission for even one hour, you would end your time tired and hungry! I do want to clarify, no one spends every second of their time in the prayer room engaged in battle. Sometimes he goes to the bathroom, sometimes he catches up on homework, he spends lots of time reading the Word and meditating on it, and of course, occasionally he falls asleep...don't tell. ;)

At noon, Quentin leaves the prayer room to come home for lunch. We love it when the clock hits 12:15 and we hear the garage door open! Most of the time the boys and I are still in bed when he leaves so this is usually the first time during the day that we get to see Daddy. He passes out kisses, eats lunch, and helps me put the twins down for nap. Sometimes he even makes me tea and we sit and talk for a few minutes...if I don't lay down for a nap myself.

By 2:45, Quentin passes out more kisses and leaves again for class. Besides being an intercessory missionary, Quentin is also a student at the Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM). Don't be fooled by the fact that this school in unaccredited...its intense. The best part about it is that Quentin's professors, fellow students and syllabus are so very centered on Jesus. The Excilencies of Christ, Christology I and II, the Life of Jesus, are a few of the classes he has taken so far. Also, he has studied Escatology, the Acts of the Church,...many many more.

Two days a week Quentin doesn't come home from class, but stays for the Awakening Services. These evening services started in November when an unusual, but totally awesome move of the Holy Spirit broke out. Quentin does ministry, praying for people and getting prayed for as well. They are wonderful, refeshing times with the Lord. He gets done at 10pm, then leaves for work.

He cleans commercial buildings. It only takes about 2 hours to clean the building, but its usually after 2pm before gets home and in bed. On the nights he doesn't go to the Awakening, he helps me get the boys ready for bed until he has to leave at 7:45...and returns around 10:30. These are the days I stay up late so we can have some time together. I so enjoy quiet evenings with my husband.

So why am I telling you my husbands schedule. I guess because I want to acknowledge how much he does and how hard he works. He does ministry, he prepares for future ministry, he works to provide for us. He doesn't get a lot of sleep, nor do we have an abundance of finances right now. We are praying for more financial supporters to raise up around us, but until then he will work his tail off in the evenings and get up early in the mornings.
Quentin, I love you, and I think you're awesome! I'm so glad to be apart of what the Lord is doing now and going to do in the future through you.


  1. that's awesome. i totally think i'll steal the idea and do a post about my husband. :) well stated.