Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things That Have Helped Me Get the Job Done

We are still in the process of moving. Almost all of our things have been moved to the new place. We will sleep here tonight and in the morning we will eat breakfast, throw a few more things in a box and go over to our new place (of course, I'll be coming right back to clean). I was thinking about the little things that have helped me get this very big job done. Here are a few

Letting my kids sit in boxes. The first day I started taping boxes together it went like this. Tape up a box..."Silas, Mommy needs to put something besides you in the box"..."nevermind"...Tape up another box..."Silas, what happened to the last box I taped up? I need this box, dear"..."Forget it"....go get the last box I taped..."Hi Gideon, are you have fun in Mommy's boxes"...leave them alone and tape another box.

Bubble wrap...seriously, I know adults who can't resist the stuff

Old pictures. This occupied my boys for quite a while, but I didn't get much done while they were looking because I wanted to look to.

Last but not least, Toy Story 1 on you tube...even after the TV and DVD player where on their way to the new place I could put the boys in front of the lap top. It kept them out of the way and safe while we were carrying the other big stuff down the steps.

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