Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twins - What a Ride!

Yesterday evening, the boys were playing with blocks. Silas started screaming at Gideon. When I turned around to see why, Silas indicated that he wanted the block that Gideon had. It is quite possible that Gideon had taken said block from Silas, but since I didn't see it happen and there were 39 other blocks on the floor, I simply picked up another block and handed it to Silas. He arched his back and threw himself on the floor. He did not want the block I offered him or any block that remained on the floor. He wanted the block in Gideon's hand.

Today, in the middle of making lunch, Silas started screaming and we repeated the scenario from last night. I left him on the floor to throw a fit while I turned down the pot of pasta that was boiling over. When I returned to the living room just a few seconds later, Gideon was face down on the floor and Silas was on top of him bitting him on the back.

Yikes. What is wrong with my children?

Let me clarify...while Gideon seems innocent enough in these two stories, I wouldn't be too quick to label him a victim. He does his fair share of bitting, pushing and taking.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jer 17:9

On the other hand, these little twins of mine often baffle me with how sweet and loving towards each other they can be. Sometimes, Gideon will be trying to get up on the couch and Silas will give him a little boost. When I serve them applesauce, Silas always finishes first, and then Gideon will share the last of his own; spoon feeding his brother the last of his snack. Earlier this week, Silas went to the bathroom to get a tissue, brought it back and wiped Gideon's runny nose. And of course, there is the ever hilarious,
tackle Oliver for the sake of team twinners!

It is such a privilege to watch twin boys grow up. I'm sure I'll never really understand the relationship between the two of them. I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the crazy, loud ride.


  1. Even though they are not twins, the girls are one minute basically wishing they weren't sisters and then the next minute helping each other with each others homework. I love when i come into the bathroom and watch casi brush cambrias hair or cambria helping casi pick out their outfit for the day. Its such a joy to know that they are getting the "be more like Christ" with alittle sibling rivalry to make things interesting. Never a dull moment!!

  2. Ack! I love the twinners! And as I said about the block story before on the now deleted FB. I AM TRAINING MY MINIONS SO WELL!!! =] Good job, kids! Ya'll are doing great.

  3. that's awesome! though i don't know twins, i do know little boys and what fun we have!