Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Not-Twitter

If I had a Twitter account, this is what you would've gotten today:

10:32 am - Just happened to stop by Hancock Fabrics during their 50% off sale...SCORE!

11:04 am - Confession: I love Big Lots

11:38 am - Feeling grossly violated by the country music playing as I walk through the Dollar Store

11:45am - NOOO...Not the Belton Walmart too! Why do they have to rearrange my favorite Walmart so that I can't find anything!?! You have failed me Belton :(

3:30 pm - The electric bill for last month made us pee ourselves, so we are trying to go without AC...everyone is grumpy.

6:49pm - AC back on...grumpiness is subsiding.

7:05pm - Watching UP with the boys...CAW CAW ROAR!!

There you have it...My Not-Twitter for the day. Could you imagine me pausing throughout my day to peck that out on my not-full-keyboard-cell phone...I don't think so. So for now, I'll just turn it in to a blog post at the end of my day if I get several good ones! :)


  1. hurray hurray! Once you get a nicer cell phone I'll help you set up a twitter account,,. and then I can follow you like a stalker =]

  2. I love this idea beth..(I may have to borrow your idea!) ♥Big Lots
    Love the AC comment
    Glad your home safe!

  3. This is great! I may have to borrow your idea, too! Twitter scares me......well, it doesn't actually scare me, I just don't have the time.

  4. that's hilarious and i totally might try it! i have an old school phone too- so much so that my sister was harassing me last visit! i love the twittered blog. love it!