Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here's the deal, the house we are moving into is rough...to say the least. The land is AMAZING...but the house is just...rough. Anyway, its safe to live in, and that's good enough for us for now, but Quentin and I have worked out a deal.

Since most of the money from the farm endeavors will be put back into the farm for a while...we are going to try and get me some bees. The bees will be mine to care for and to make products from. (Obviously honey, but I'm also going to try my hand at candle making since beeswax candles are AWESOME!) Any money I make from the bees is mine to use on the house. I think it a pretty good deal! I'm quite happy with it, anyway.

Just after deciding that, my awesome sister Missy sends me this link to a giveaway for a new book by Ashley English, Keeping Bees!

God is continuing to provide for us in totally amazing ways and leading us in the way we should go. We've been praying that God would really show us which livestock animals to get involved in (there are SO many options), then Joe and Tammy Franck (dear friends of ours in KC) told us they'd like to buy us our first Icelandic sheep! We've loved this breed of sheep for a while now and had hoped to get started raising them for milk, wool and meat very soon, but now we know...Step 1 - Sheep. Perhaps if I win this givaway (not to mention my dad is working on building us the kind of bee hive I want) we'll know Step 2 - Bees.

Thanks for praying for us everyone! Jesus is so awesome and such a good leader. What wonderful people He has put in our life who care about what we are doing and want to help!

Oh yeah, Len and Beth Walstrom sent me a book on homesteading this week too. I was excited to recieve it, but not as excited as Quentin was when I told him it is called Homesteading, by Gene Logsdon. He was so excited because he knows the name of the author. I didn't...I was clueless...he never is.


  1. WOW! Who says God Isnt Awesome... Not me!
    I was just thinking last night when I sent that, how cool it would be to keep bees...Cant wait to hear more about it!

  2. Bethany, I have a couple in my Monday night bible study that has a bee hive. I could get you there number if you had any questions for them. I'm sure they would be more that happy to talk to you. Bought some honey off them last summer and it was so good! Brooke Brewer

  3. that sounds awesome!! Love it. :)

    p.s. that's how things always go with books and my husband too. he knows things and I just read and listen. hahaha!