Sunday, March 27, 2011


We arrived safely in Kentucky. It was quite an ordeal to get here. But I figured if the there wasn't any big, ridiculous, and dramatic hurdle to cross in the just wouldn't be us doing the move!

We had so many wonderful friends show up on Thursday morning to help us load up the Penske truck. More than necessary...I thought. They got the truck about 2/3 full and decided that nothing but the miraculous was going to get all this stuff in the truck. We needed a bigger truck...right now. So we checked with Penske. Turns out it would cost A LOT more money to rent a bigger truck at this point...IF they had one available. So we are standing in the driveway with NO IDEA what to do, when our dear friend Jonathan said, "Well, load up the back of my truck and I'll go with you."

WHAT?! I mean, seriously who has friends like that, not to mention so many wonderful friends like that in so many different states!?! We are so so blessed! So, our Penske, minivan caravan turned into a Penske, minivan and a loaded pick up truck caravan. We were quite a sight, I'm sure. The trip went well, even the camping in Illinois part.

When we arrived, we found the, different than I expected. It doesn't cut it to say that they haven't done a deep cleaning in a long time...more like they haven't touched a broom or rag in 9 years. Yikes! At to make it more difficult. The guy wasn't Nearly as moved out as we thought he was going to be, so I couldn't even get my broom out to use it until we cleared HIS stuff out of the house. Oh my goodness! Needless to say, this prego woman was a bit stressed and overwhelmed! I'm so glad my mom and dad and sister and bro-in-law arrived just an hour or 2 later to help! We cleared and swept (walls and floors) the bedroom first and moved beds in so that we could at least sleep when bed time finally came.

We've made lots of progress already but there is still lots to make! I should be meeting my midwife for the first time today, if her other patient hasn't decided to go into labor this afternoon. Keep me in your prayers! This is quite an adjustment for me. The boys seem to be doing great. They are all little country farm boys at heart, I guess! The sun finally came out ( to melt the snow we got last night) and its feeling warmer now.

God is so good and is continuing to provide for all our needs. Thank you all for your prayers!

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  1. oh honey! that is crazy and amazing at the same time. you are truly a woman after the heart of the Father- there is grace there. thanks for the update, I have been thinking about you all and wondering how it was going. Also praying for that sweet baby boy!

    :) next time, we totally need pics!!