Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I Got At McDonalds

Have you ever heard of a Great Pryenees? They are great big dogs that are bred and trained to guard small live stock like chickens, sheep and goats.

We want one. With 20 acres of woods on our property, we're bound to have some problems with coyotes, foxes, hawks, ect... We had contacted a breeder a month or so ago about getting a puppy, but having only chickens at the time and not knowing how soon we would be getting any other animals, we didn't feel like it would be a good idea to spend money on a full blooded dog (that would be a HUGE mouth to feed) just to protect the chickens. So we backed out.

Now we have rabbits, baby chicks, we're talking about getting more baby chicks and goats, and sheep and cows are looking like a real possibility...wishing we had that dog...

So we went to McDonalds Laying casually in front of McDonald's front door is a Great Pyrenees. People were having to step over him to get in the door. I thought it was pretty strange that someone would bring their dog to a fast food place, let him out of the car and let him lay on the front step, but we are in Kentucky...

Then I saw some one bring him a cheese burger. I thought the guy was his owner until he got in his truck and drove away. We talked to the people who work at McD's and they said they were pretty sure he was a stray...he just kind of came and went. Next stop, the police station to ask about reported missing dogs...none. I asked if we can take him. They seemed delighted about having one less dog to worry about.

We finished our errands in town and went back to McD's to lured the dog into the back of the van with a cheese burger. It worked and we now have a huge, if not full blooded - very close to it, Great Pyrenees dog on our farm for the price of a double cheese burger.

On the way home, we laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and how bizarre God is sometimes...I mean, McDonald's? Really? I also mentioned that all we need now is something to catch mice. That evening a cat showed, ok.

We also realized that he is a she...we named her Daisy. She's already HUGE, but she's still a puppy and has a lot of growing to do. Oh my. Besides feeding her, our major problem at this point is that our un-neutered male, Rocket, would like to make Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever, NO! He may be having an operation done soon...poor Rocket.

So friends, meet Daisy!


  1. Beautiful dog! My nephew has a Great Pyrenees -- it's a he, and he is a wonderful, laid back, friendly dog. He's been getting himself into trouble by trying to herd the neighbor's sheep! Guess it's in their blood. Praise the Lord, He does supply all our needs!

  2. Oh my goodness what a blessing. This is such an awesome post and I enjoyed reading every word of it. The Lord says he will give you the desires of your heart and boy that was sure true for you that day! Daisy is so pretty and what a sweet face she has. So glad I found your blog!!

  3. that's awesome!!! i LOVE it and love that God is so cool. you guys are seriously right where you need to be. :)

  4. a dog and a cat in the same day! love this story of God's provision, it boosts my resolve to keep asking for my own breakthrough in provision. Thanks for sharing - this is Katrina from Lydia's small group by the way. Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. :-)

  5. Want a companion? A friend who lives near you has a Pyrenees / St Bernard Mix looking to find a home.